Rubimed™ is a revolutionary natural healing modality from Europe that combines ancient healing knowledge with modern complementary medicine and psychology. Introduced into North America over a decade ago, the Rubimed™ remedies have been clinically proven to resolve negative health effects of psychological trauma, anxiety and stress.

Join more than 2,750 practitioners worldwide experiencing an 87% success rate for:

  • anxiety
  • adrenal burnout
  • sleep disorders
  • hormonal disorders
  • depression
  • behavioural disorders
  • stress
  • pain
  • allergies
  • respiratory conditions
  • autonomic dysfunction
  • skin conditions
Rubimed Level 1 When & Where

This one-day intensive seminar is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on participation, where seminar participants will learn all the basics required to incorporate Rubimed therapy into their daily practice and enhance patient care. In this seminar you will learn:

  • The connection between subconscious emotional conflicts and successful treatment of recurring chronic conditions (including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addiction, pain, OCD and ADD spectrums, and functional biology).
  • Hands-on operation of both applied kinesiology using the Basic Test Kit and the REBA Test Device to identify energy blocks, emotional conflicts, geopathic stress, and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dysfunctions.
  • How to successfully use the Rubimed combination homeopathic remedies
    to resolve emotional issues and the related physical symptoms.
  • Understanding, identifying and overcoming geopathic
  • Acute conditions (anxiety, stress and nervous tension)
    and their resolution.

Registration Fee:

  Practitioner: $249
  Student: $149
  Refresher: $75

Reba Pad

See the RebaPad

Psychoenergetic testing with the RebaPad provides the opportunity to objectively and comparatively [test] a client's entire energetic conditions at the most important levels - particularly the vitality and emotional levels.

The RebaPad can be additionally or exclusively used to therapeutically treat acute and chronic pains, wounds and soft tissue injuries through the choice of 8 therapy programs.

The RebaPad device is also a therapy device for tissue stimulation for relief of chronic and acute pain, Help with soft tissue injuries, promotion of wound healing, reduction of inflammation and oedema.

Here's what some past attendees of Rubimed Level 1 are saying:

"Really well organized. Knowledgeable. Well done. Looking forward to Level 2" ~ A.L.

"Thank you for bringing an amazing medicine/tool so we can help & support more patients. " ~ Dr. S.P, ND

"Lots of great information. I’m glad I took the refresher" ~ K.L.


Attendees Will Receive:

Seminar Specials
  • Special offers at the seminar
  • Comprehensive Practitioner and Patient Guides
  • Add your name to the Rubimed therapist referral list on Biomed (Canada)


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