This level covers the role of the emotional conflicts, central conflict and character types in degenerative chronic conditions, psychiatric illness and cancer. Advanced testing techniques and clinical recommendations are reviewed, and examinations are conducted.

Course prerequisites:

    • Completion of Rubimed Therapist Training Level 2
    • Minimum 25 patient tests with follow-up
    • Working knowledge of the RebaPad or Reba Device

As a three-day advanced seminar, it will emphasize Reba® testing demonstrations and techniques, sharing of practitioner experience using Rubimed therapy and clinical recommendations for ease of patient care and maintenance. Ample time for testing and discussion with peers will be given.

Rubimed Level 3 When & Where

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Advanced theory and how to use Character typing and the Central Conflict in practice.
  • Review of patient testing with advanced testing techniques, including allergies.
  • How to explain findings to the patient, with recommendation from practical experience.
  • Overview of the Zoological (organ) test kit from a theoretical basis, including advice from clinical experience.
  • Psychiatric and other chronic diseases – differential diagnosis and how Rubimed therapy is effective in these cases.
  • The spiritual dimension of PSE.

Upon successful completion of Rubimed Therapist Training Level 3, including passing the written and practical examination, practitioners will be granted the title of ‘Certified Energy Therapist’.

Registration Fee:

  Practitioner: $699
  Student: $499
  Refresher: $195

Please note: this event has been cancelled due to Covid-19.