SANUM-Kehlbeck GmbH & Co. KG is a family run, internationally operating pharmaceutical company based in Lower Saxony, Germany, that produces Isopathic and other remedies known in North America as Pleo Sanum remedies.

Isopathics are homeopathic remedies, which are manufactured in accordance with the original specifications of the German scientist Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein. The rationale for the manufacturing and administration of these remedies is the mutability of microbial forms. A co-existence of higher developed multi-cellular organisms, e.g. mammals, with the smallest forms of microbes (endobionts) living in their fluids and cellular tissues, is vitally important for the macro-organism. If this symbiosis is disturbed, e.g. due to changes in the milieu, a pathogenic upward development of the endobiont into microbes can occur, with the respective symptoms of a disease. The administration of the isopathics can restore the healthy balance.

Immunomodulators: homeopathic remedies which regulate the body's defenses by attenuating a hyperactive system and activating an exhausted one.

Sanukehls: By immunological definition, these are partial antigens, which only achieve their antigenicity through binding with a carrier (protein). The Sanukehls are manufactured from the polysaccharides of specific bacteria and are used by the body as "contaminant collectors", as they bind pathogenic foreign proteins and toxins.

Plant and organ  products: For the complementation and support of the isopathic therapy, homeopathic remedies are manufactured from the plant and animal kingdom as well as from physiological carbonic acids. These serve especially for the detoxification and rehabilitation of an undisturbed acid-base balance and energy metabolism or to support the immune system.